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Future Historians in Prep

05 February 2016

This week, in Prep, the older girls in Years 5 and 6 have enjoyed extending their knowledge of History with a range of practical activities.

Members of History Club have been learning about Aztec Civilisation and enjoyed an Aztec feast!  The girls ate tortillas, kidney beans, sweetcorn, mushrooms, honey, guacamole, tomatoes and chillies, washed down with hot chocolate and papaya juice.  There was even melon for dessert.  Although the Aztecs also enjoyed feasting on green iguanas, axolotls and a great variety of insects we decided to give those a miss!

In Year 6 pupils are currently studying Ancient Greek life and achievements and their influence on the Western World in their History lessons.  This week the pupils enjoyed two lessons on Ancient Greek art: one in the Prep School and one in the Classics Department of Senior School.  The pupils studied the myth of Orpheus and the wood-nymph, Eurydice, with Miss Wood then decorated Greek vases depicting this.  Miss Howarth and Miss Nelsey showed the pupils examples of popular patterns that featured on Greek pottery before the pupils created their own vases. 

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