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Busy Year 2 girls!

10 February 2017

Year 2 girls have been practising their Speaking and Listening skills this term by sharing a hobby or interest with the year group.

They have enjoyed hearing about a wide variety of interests, including Sara who kept us all spellbound with her description of the work of the Fire Service and why she wanted to be a firefighter in the future.

On Wednesday in assembly a number of girls presented their prepared talks to a wider audience. We heard about active hobbies including taekwondo, ballet, gymnastics, swimming, Bollywood dancing and cycling.  There were hobbies to do alone such as reading, craft activities and playing recorder and hobbies to share with a group such as going to Brownies.

All of the girls spoke very confidently and some included practical demonstrations of their skills. It is clear that Year 2 girls have a very wide range of interests and we look forward to watching their skills develop further as they progress through school.

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