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Assembly Hosted by 2T

10 June 2016

Each term the girls in Year 2 are asked to prepare a presentation to share with the rest of the girls in the year group.  This term the girls have talked about places of interest they have visited within the UK.

On Wednesday the girls in 2T shared some of their talks with us in assembly.  Everyone took part by sharing some facts about the countries of the UK which included some Irish dancing, good Welsh and Scottish accents and of course that in England we drink tea!

A number of individual girls then presented their topics with the aid of slides and mementoes from their visits.  The topics included Lara’s visit to Madame Tussauds, Tula’s trip to Dorset, Shifa’s Isle of Wight adventure, Freya’s London holiday, Ananya’s visit to the Space Centre and Manaahil’s Sea Life Centre experience.

The girls all performed with confidence and assurance and started everyone’s day off well.

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