Means-tested bursaries

What is the difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship?

Academic scholarship awards are based solely on the entrance examination results at 11+ and 16+ with awards made on academic merit. This is irrespective of financial means. With the exception of the Martineau Music Scholarship, there are no special scholarship examinations at 11+ nor do parents apply for a scholarship. The value of scholarships is up to 50% of fees and is valid until the end of a girl's education at EHS.

Who can apply?

Bursaries are available to girls aged 11 prior to entry into Year 7 or to new entrants joining the Sixth Form.

How many bursaries are available?

A limited number of means-tested Bursaries are available for entry to Sixth Form for girls who show good academic ability. Bursaries are means-tested, that is, they are dependent on parental income, and may cover a percentage of the school fees. They are granted at the discretion of the Headmistress.

How are bursaries assessed?

Bursaries are related to the income and assets of the family. They are means-tested and reviewed annually. Bursaries may also take into account academic merit: it is not unusual for a girl to be a recipient of both a scholarships and a bursary.

How long is the bursary valid for?

Bursaries are subject to annual review and may be amended according to changes in the family's circumstances. Bursaries are a percentage of school fees and are therefore revalued in line with rises in school fees.

How can I apply for a bursary?

You are required to register your daughter for the entrance examination by completing and returning the registration form, available from the Admissions office. Indicate your interest by ticking the box asking for more information. Once your registration has been received an application form will be posted out to you.

What is the deadline for application?

Parents of external girls who are seeking a bursary for entry to Sixth Form in September 2022 must apply by Friday 3 December 2021

Download our booklet about scholarships and bursaries here.

For further information please contact the Admissions Office on 0121 454 5831 or email