Music Scholarships

In addition to the general Entrance Examination for a place in Year 7 (11+), 

In addition to the general Entrance Examination for a place in Year 7 (11+), girls have the option to apply for the 11+ Martineau Music Scholarship, which can be up to a value of 50% remission of fees. This is one of four named scholarships that can be awarded to Year 7 girls and was named after one of the founding families of the school who were heavily involved in education.

There is much competition for the Martineau Music Scholarship and we expect girls to have reached a minimum standard of Grade 5 on at least one instrument.

Girls will need to attend a music audition conducted by the Music School to qualify. Applicants undertake a listening examination, which will include listening tests, theory questions and a short essay about their music making activities and concerts they have attended. This written paper is followed by practical tests to include a performance of one piece on each instrument or voice they are offering for assessment, sight reading, sight singing and aural tests.

Girls are encouraged to bring their own accompanist but if this is not possible one will be provided. In this case, the necessary music for the school's accompanist must be brought on the day of the main Entrance Examination to allow the school accompanist time to prepare.


Parents who wish their daughter to be considered for a Music Scholarship must complete an application form available from the Admissions Office. This form will be sent to you on receipt of your registration form.

Music Scholarship registration for the academic year 2020-21 is now open.

Final date for application to the Year 7 music examination:  Saturday 19 September 2020
The Entrance Examination for Year 7 entry will take place on - Weeks commencing 5 & 12 October 2020
The Music Scholarship Listening Examination at Year 7 will take place on - Date to be confirmed
The Music Scholarship Performance Examination at Year 7 will take place week commencing - Date to be confirmed

The results of the 11+ Martineau Scholarship exam will be announced alongside the main Entrance Examination results by the end of the Autumn Term.