Laurel Leaves Winter 2020

The Winter 2020 edition is now live. See the link below. You should be able to adjust the text size by using the 'zoom in' 'zoom out' sliders. We do hope you enjoy reading about what your fellow Old Girls have been up to over the past six months.

Winter 2020 Laurel Leaves

We are already beginning to collate information for the next digital issue of Laurel Leaves, Summer 2021 edition. We warmly invite members of the OGA, young and old(er), to send their news to us for inclusion in the publication. We want to celebrate and support you in your successes - so if you have something exciting to talk about, have just graduated or landed your first post, have recently married, started a family, are embarking on a new career or venture, or have recently held a reunion, then we want to hear from you! Contact the Old Girls' Association at