About EHS

Founded in 1876, Edgbaston High School is Birmingham's oldest independent school for girls.

Conveniently located in a leafy suburb of Edgbaston with close access to the city, our mission is to nurture confident, considerate and intellectually curious young women. 

We have strong community links within the Calthorpe Estate, in particular, West House Independent Preparatory School for Boys, which has occupied the same site on St James Road since its foundation in 1895. West House operate a minibus shuttle service to assist families with children at both EHS and West House School. Form more information, visit their website www.westhouseprep.com 

EHS Motto and Coat of Arms

The school was originally located on the Hagley Road in a large house known as The Laurels. Two laurel branches feature on the school's coat of arms as a nod to its former home, while the blue and gold chevron on the centre of the shield represents the school's connection with the Manor of Edgbaston and the City of Birmingham - the arms of which also both contain this emblem. The school motto Fideliter, Fortiter, Feliciter is on a scroll below the shield. A crest resting on the helm shows a distaff which represents the female element in heraldry, between two martins, one looking inwards and one outwards. 

Our coat of arms symbolises the rich history of EHS and whilst it is unclear where the school's motto originated from, it's thought to have been introduced by the school's first Headmistress, Miss Alice Cooper, who is said to have embodied its values.