EHS Coat of Arms

A coat of arms granted to the school by the College of Heralds is carved in stone, emblazoned, and used as a decorative feature over the Ante Hall entrance to Senior School.

A blue and gold chevron on the centre of the shield represents the school's connection with the Manor of Edgbaston and with the City of Birmingham; the arms of both contain this emblem. Laurel branches on each side of the chevron signify the association of the school with the large house known as The Laurels in Hagley Road which was its home for so many years.

The school motto, Fideliter, Fortiter, Feliciter, is on a scroll below the shield. A crest resting on the helm shows a distaff, representing the female element in heraldry, between two martins, one looking inwards and one outwards.

Our coat of arms symbolises the rich history of EHS and is a vibrant representation of the School's distinctive and recognisable ethos.

The provenance of the school's motto Fideliter, Fortiter, Feliciter is unknown but it is seems that many other girls schools founded at the same time, or earlier, also adopted a latin motto. It is most likely that the first Headmistress of EHS, Miss Alice Cooper, decided on the motto, and it has been suggested that it is a fair reflection of her personality. Fideliter - she was very faithful to the school as one of the longest serving Heads and keeping up with how the school was progressing even after she her retirement. Fortiter - she was certainly a strong character and determined. Feliciter - whilst she seems to have a very stern appearance in her portrait, reading Laurel Leaves of her time, the school was obviously a happy place.